As Heard On Radio Soulwax pt 2 is now on Apple Music. Still remember listening to this at university. Still sounds good.

Just finished Lockwood and Co and really enjoyed it. Sticking the books on the list of things I want to read. Adapted by Joe Cornish, whose Attack The Block (aliens vs London teenagers including John Boyega) was a lot of fun. I have fun memories of the Adam and Joe Show though. 🍿

I undo my shoe laces.

I have a single resolution this year. Just that one. I will endeavour to complete this task regardless. I won’t avoid it when I’m tired or anxious. When I’m stressed or angry. I will always do it. I can’t not, really. It takes seconds. If I can’t do this then I can’t do anything. But in my head I will remember the converse. I I can do this, I can do anything. So I do this thing so that I can do anything. I have a thousand more resolutions. I pick them up from the ground. I borrow them from friends and family who give them with love. I steal them from strangers whom I silently give thanks to. I do them until they become habit or until I let them fall because they didn’t work. They are not resolutions for the year but for-ever and ever or for just this moment. Both work. I have many, but one that matters.

These are the things bouncing around in my head.

I’ve got all these things floating around in my head.

Anne Mueller’s piece about pain. This Ask Metafilter for it’s discussion about the line between pushing our children too hard and not hard enough (is that a thing?) and how when we put our children first, we become a not even close second.

This won’t be the last time you’re faced with options that are good for your kid and bad for you;

And how I do get pretty decent sleep and exercise regularly and eat ok(ish) and that these things are keep me sane despite feeling overwhelmed constantly. Sabrina Benhaim’s Poem - Explaining My Depression To My Mother.

“Mom, I am the party, only I am a party I don’t want to be at” is boucing around my head.

That I heard sampled on Fred Again..’s New Year Mix on Apple Music. Which I did because there’s only so much I can listen to his Boiler Room mix before it becomes a problem. But seriously, I do love his Actual Life albums. This Oatmel comic on compliments.

He used to find it hard to take a compliment. It was easier once he thought of them as borrowed, instead. Tucked away for the next person who needed one.

Steve Makofsky’s Makoism newsletter too, for being one of the few things or places on the Internet I actually read instead of letting my screen-adled brain skim over. See also Kottke. I keep meaning to donate something but I’m too busy spending my money on things that aren’t important to me. He posted a link to this article Humans Need Play and that’s in my head too recently.

Under stress, we focus on what we need to do: submit the project, feed the kid. Perhaps we find time for what we should do: answer the email, clean the counters. But under pressure, we tend to drop the things that feel… optional. Frivolous perhaps. In particular, play.

And how the regular-ish games of table tennis I play with a colleague is probably also keeping me saner than I realise.

The opposite of play is not work – the opposite of play is depression. Dr Stuart Brown.

Elise aka Dj Cleopatra’s new track! Loving this.

Nm - Incredibox

面条!New noodle place near our flat. So good.

Enjoying Lockwood and Co on Netflix. Think I’m going to start reading the books. Always enjoy a fun YA series. 📚

a year in photos aka one photo everyday

  1. Make an album on your phone for each month. (For bonus points share it with your mum.)
  2. Add a photo a day. Don’t worry if you miss a day. Don’t make any extra effort to take a photo. It’s ok if you’re photo is a screen shot of a QR code.
  3. Buy an album.
  4. Print photos.
  5. Put photos in album.

Finally finished my 2022 year of photos this morning. It’s like a lazier one second everyday.

We have all these photos but they’re stuck inside our phones. I wanted to get them out but do so in a way that I would be able to stick with. Sometimes I forget to add or print photos and that’s fine, I just go back and do it later.

Relistening to Nirvana’s Unplugged. 🎵

Yumo (4yo) is LOVING Shape Island on Apple Tv+. We’ve just ordered the books as a result. 📺

(I might be loving it too.)

Conditioning workout today. On Assault Bike
5x15 secs
3x 1:15min
1x 3min

The first 5 intervals were just horrible. It’s amazing how long 15 seconds can be.

Today I am grateful for calling my parents.


Consistency first. 6th day of exercise this week. #xmasabs24

247 on Wii Bowling. Feel like I’ve peaked.

There’s a difference
Between screen time all alone
And altogether

Just finished catching up on Craig Mod’s pop-up newsletter TOKIO TŌKYŌ TOKYO. Always a pleasure.

Today I am grateful for reading and not sleeping so I can finish a book. Such a pleasure.

Started tidying my desk. I have issues with throwing stuff that’s my problem.

Finally got around to ordering my photos for my 1 photo a day project and have started a new album for January.

Admittedly I just ordered photos for July through December but better late than never.

I am most at peace
In enforced rest periods

Elise is loving this beatboxing sequencing app. It’s a whole lot of fun. Here’s her latest effort called Timing.
Timing - Incredibox

Time to exercise: 30minutes (total)
Time to start exercising: 2 hours

Before exercise - Feel unmotivated. Things are hard. I am powerless to resist endless scrolling of Reddit and Jetpack Joyride.

Exercise - 2 rounds of 100 lungers + 50 squats

After… Washed up. Put the washing out. Shaved. Watched a whole Youtube video without switching tabs.