a term time shadow
of myself, and my glory
a choice I have made

We’re enjoying the new Mr and Mrs Smith a lot. It’s strange but I’m really enjoying it.

In the spirit of ‘Stinge Watching’, we watched the original Mr and Mrs Smith last night to drag it out a bit. It was ok but I much prefer the new one.

Looking for suggestions for albums to put on in the background.
What album do you like to put on for some background noise?

Morning walk with the 20kg weight vest I’ve borrowed from the school gym.
Highlight was seeing a coupler of people get out of a car opposite a park to go running, in the dark, at 6am.
You just know it when you see “your people” eh?

Workout info. 6km. 60minutes

It’s 8am and the kids are still in bed! BEST START TO THE HOLIDAY EVER! Just half-listening to a webinar on Enhancing Classroom Talk in International Schools while having a coffee and chatting to a friend.

First day of the Chinese New Year holiday and I’ve been wide awake since 5:30. I like to get up early when I want to but not when I need to!

I ran again! Been a decent week of exercise. HITT on Monday, heavy deadlifts (4x3 at 150kg) yesterday and a 5km run today.

Photo of man at an athletics track overlaid with information about his 5km run

I found my breath, in
Life’s busy repetitions,
Hiding in plain sight

Loving almost everything about the new Gladiators on the BBC. All the positivity from the Gladiators is great. Legend’s pure arrogance and Viper as the new Wolf are so much fun too. 📺

A phone sized e-reader… I definitely don’t need this but do like it! Thanks for the rabbit hole Rob!

Onyx Boox Palma review | Android Central

Wonka - We all enjoyed this a lot. Percy Jackson and The Olympians - Fun! We’re reading the books but it’s slow going. Quantum Leap Season 2 - It’s alright, I’ll keep watching it. Echo - We’ve watched the first episode but haven’t found time for the second. 🎬

I ran!

Workout of 4.6km run in 30minutes over the new Gladiators logo

My new coffee brew timer is The Offsping’s - All I Want. Which at 1:55 of shouty noise is a little short but I can count to fiver and I’m sure James Hoffman won’t mind for his Clever Dripper method.

I think I get bonus points for managing to use it as a cold shower timer too.

Korean boys in my class will be happy at their national team’s quarter final win. Though, you feel that they can’t keep scoring in added time… ⚽️🇰🇷

Just had my last Lemsip*, now have to decide if I want to pay an extortionate amount to buy more on Taobao.

*Morrison’s own but it’s the same.

Poem Town

A new poem every minute of every day. Powered by ChatGPT. (On an e-ink screen, like a picture frame’.!)

Love this. If I didn’t live where I live… But also, makes me think of things I could do. Would I be able to?

My Apple Watch 3 stop watch is up to 9978 hours. Guess i’m getting up early tomorrow to see what happens when it gets to all nines. AI tells me I started in December 2022.

Photo of my Apple Watch 3

To love. Some say it’s what makes us human. That it defines our existence. But it’s not without risk. Love teaches us about pain, heartbreak, and resilience. It encourages us to do the small things that make a big difference. Love shapes our days, weeks, months… Our years. Because the act of devotion eventually reveals a path to fulfillment we can’t find anywhere else. From its Latin roots, the word Amateur simply means “To Love.” In running, we are all amateurs.

The Year of the Amateur | Tracksmith

Love this video but I just can’t do running.

I know the thing in film and tv where breakfast is this giant spread that no one in real life has time. But, the one where they say goodnight to kids and that’s it is the one that gets me, because this is not my experience at all.

Waiting till they sleep
Future points of happiness
A wedding, old friends

HOW TO MAKE A WORLD by Maria Popova

What are you, little tree
rising from the center
of the old slain stump?
You are no requiem,
no prophet,
no metaphor for how
life goes on asserting itself
over death.

No — you seem to be
just a fractal branch
of the same dumb resilience
by which we rose from the oceans
to compose the Benedictus
and to build the bomb.

How to Make a World: A Poem – The Marginalian

There’s got to be a better way?! Only joking, I like it this way.

photo of a Sony mp3 player, old Canon Ixus camera and a Kindle on a fold down train table

How long haven’t there been line judges in the tennis grand slams? So strange to see. 🎾