Episode 71: Yumo talks about Mario Kart

And screams at the end.

Episode 67: Grandparents

Elise and Yumo go through some Little Talk conversation cards with their grandparents.

Episode 66 - We discuss what we’d like to try and what we dislike about school.

Also, Elise ends the episode with a song.

Episode 65: We talk about a few things including Jumanji, Elise’s new hair and Super Mario Wonder


Episode 64: No screen time this weekend.

Dad says he’ll buy the kids a toy if they don’t have any screen time this weekend.

Episode 63 - Family Little Talk Cards

We have a go at using the cards more.


Episode 62 - Little Talk Cards

I bought some cards to start conversations with the kids and this is us going through some before our dumplings arrived.

Episode 61: Elise talks about Rubik’s Cubes

And we record on Zoom.

Episode 60 - Elise talks about some stuff.

Daddy doesn’t say much.

Episode 59: Responsibility

Elise talks about responsibility. Audio is a work in progress.

Episode 58: We’re back, and we have a microphone!

First, quick, try with our microphone to talk a little. See how it goes…

Episode 57

Rain or sunshine?

Episode 39 - The nutcracker

Yumo plays a clip from the nutcracker over and over.

Episode 34: Elise Records Her Own Brief Episode

About unicorns obviously.

Episode 33: Good Choice And Bad Choices

Plus Yumo says some stuff.

Episode 32: Unicorns Are Real

And they have a horn

Episode 31: Yumo Doesn’t Say Much

See title.

Episode 30 “Wee Wee”

Elise’s choice: Paw Patrol.

Episode 29: Ghost Sam

Hi again. A quick chat before Elise went to sleep. Hopefully this is the start of more regular episodes. We’ll see…

Episode 28 - “Two Sues”

Hi again!

Elise talks about our evening out.

Episode 27: “Father’s Day”

We try to talk about Father’s Day a little.

Episode 26 “Journey Number 5”

We’ve just read Aaron Becker’s third book in the Journey trilogy that’s called Return. Though, at school the kids have been calling it Journey Number 3.

It has really grabbed Elise’s attention. In fact, it has grabbed mine too. I keep seeing new things every time I read it and more than once have got into conversations about it with colleagues at school.

Episode 25 “scooters”

A brief chat about scooters

Episode 24: “Late Night Chat”

Picking blueberries and waiting up for mum and dad.

Episode 23: “Yumo Says Some Name But not Others”

Yumo says some names of people in our immediate family but not others!