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Enjoying Citadel, bit ridiculous but lots of fun. 📺

This couple post house mixes from different, often beautiful, locations but they also show them cooking food as well. Which sounds bizarre, and is, but somehow is really watchable.


It’s funny, thinking about time after I started reading Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks book and how the new Dune film is out in November. 5 months. Such a long time?

Though this edit is funny and relevant since we’re reading it in class at the moment.

And this too, less slowly.

Currently reading: Lockwood & Co. The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud 📚

Currently started reading this again. Slowly this time.

Life, I know, was supposed to be more joyful than this, more real, more meaningful, and the world was supposed to be more beautfiul. We were not supposed to hate Mondays and live for the weekends and holidays. We were not supposed to have a raise our hands to be allowed to pee. We were not supposed to be kept indoors on a beautiful day, day after day. - Charles Eisenstein

Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman 📚

Lyra is on a course this week. So, if I want to exercise it’ll need to be before work… Spent more time not starting than I did working out.

Rocky theme starts playing…

do you really care?

“A key point to bear in mind…You’re better off not giving the small things more time than they deserve. -Marcus Aurelius

It seems like it’s really important to you.

But the truth is, you don’t actually care about the things themselves.

If you had to choose between just about anything and your kids’ safety, happiness, and self-image, you’d never choose that other stuff.

Yet here you are, arguing about it again.

What you’re really worried about, hence the fixation, is the deep-seated anxiety that you might be screwing them up.

Relax! Let this stuff go. Seriously, just let it go. You won’t regret it.

Do You Really Care? - The Daily Dad

Who are schools for? | Ben Newmark

Defeated Calamity Ganon! Breath of the Wild release date: March 3, 2017. Only taken 6 years. New Zelda in two weeks. 2029 here we come!

Zelda - BOTW

I finally overcame the inertia - read having a job, two kids and a desire for sleep, I’ve finally got into Zelda - Breath of the Wild. It’s pretty good eh? So, it’s strange that the new Zelda comes out in two weeks. I’m only 6 years too late. I think, I’ll get through the final boss before then if only so Yumo doesn’t keep asking me “Why aren’t you going to the final castle Dad?” Calm down son. Though, if I do start soon it’ll interesting not having ALL the online resources I now have. There’s a video for everything!

I believe that most people read quickly because they want not to read but to have read. But why do they want to have read? Because, I think, they conceive of reading simply as a means of uploading information to their brains… though few people realize it, many books become more boring the faster you read them. Austin Kleon — Alan Jacobs, The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of…

Got this running around in my head. I’ve always been aware that I almost certainly rush through books but I’d never stopped to think about it. I’m now slowing down and savouring every word, or at least I’m trying to!

Googling answers to questions the kids have about Minecraft.

The Best Coffee Toys Under $50 by James Hoffman - YouTube

To be clear, this is coffee toys NOT coffee toys. I thought it was the latter, but it’s the former.

Ohhhh, I just read in the comments the date it was released.

Feeling ridiculously motivated to read after this.

Love this video of Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster chatting. Some minor season ½ Ted Lasso spoilers.

This is how you play Minecraft right? Though, thankfully this time it wasn’t his sister’s house.

I have my micro.blog domain but have another domain that I think I’d like to use as a static page. It would have my lastest micro.blog posts, maybe some photos and other bits and pieces. With my limited experience what could I use?

I exercise regularly so I don’t have to walk up stairs!

I thought, when I realised what sort of episode it was, that I wouldn’t enjoy Ep6 of Ted Lasso but… I bloody loved it. Each episode is bittersweet at the moment. Hopeful, they stop at 3 Seasons.

Find applying for my wife’s UK tourist visa incredibly stressful. Despite having done it a few times already. Have probably given far too much documentation but there we go.

Out for a hike with people from Lyra’s gym. Some heavy breathing up the hills and nice to find some quiet spots. Found somewhere in China with no mobile reception!