How do you deal with your phone photos? Mine sort of just pile up and up…

Young Poppy in Mythic Quest Season 3 is uncanny. 📺

Speed ran through this. It’s not Rivers of London but still enjoyable. Makes me think about the two non-fiction books I’ve been not been able to finish for months. Despite wanting to read them I just can’t bring myself to.

Finished reading: Forged by Benedict Jacka 📚

When you wake and your dreams are just precious thoughts. Like your subconscious and conscious are flowing into each other.

Today I am grateful for table tennis at lunch with colleagues 🏓️

Today I am grateful for dancing to disco with the kids.

Today I’m grateful for Yumo and I having the best time playing Super Mario 3D World this afternoon. Chasing each other round and round to pick up and throw the other.

Love these books so much. One of those series where I love the world the author has created. The story is almost secondary sometimes. Always a little sad when it’s over.

Finished reading: Amongst Our Weapons by Ben Aaronovitch 📚

The hardest part of being a parent.
Apart from the terrifying thought of outliving your kids*.
Is maintaining composure, patience in the face of them and their chaos. Yesterday my eldest and I fell out. Today, to her, it was like it never happened.
And yet.
I can’t stop thinking about it.

We’ve been talking about being kind to her brother. “Yes but he doesn’t help me!” “I know that, but then if you don’t help him, he won’t help you and then you won’t help him and forever and ever you won’t help each other.”

Except, do I as a parent hold myself to this standard? The other driver cutting in the line that I could let in but normally don’t.
I can’t stop thinking about it.

*And all the other stuff, obviously.

Talked about this film with friends this evening so much that I considered rereading the book and it turns out Edgar Wright is making it into a film! Edgar Wright To Direct Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’ At Paramount – Deadline

10 Ways to Warm Up - by Jessica Hagy

And if I could
I’d raise my arm
And wave a wand
To end all harm

And if i could
With just a sigh
I’d stop the tide
Of siren cries

Flume ft. Caroline Polachek - Sirens

From this post on Said The Gramophone’s best music of 2022. I keep meaning to dig into the list but I keep getting stuck. Currently on this track. Previously it was this remix of a Yoko Ono and Anohni track called I Love You Earth

The greatest leg of darts of all - YouTube

Some New Year’s resolutions that won’t end up in your pile of shame - The Verge

First day actually in school since November 9th. Thankfully some students aren’t back in until tomorrow. Though, we’re going to have to teach in person and online simultaneously, somehow!

Finally caught up with the Detectorists Xmas Special. It was just enjoyable. 📺

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

On Children by Kahlil Gibran - Poems

Choose a word. Any word. One word. Make it yours. Whiteboard it. Write it every day on your planner, put the word on a handful of 3 by 5 cards and place them in strategic places as an ever-present reminder. Make it BIG. Write it BOLD. Get a personal T-shirt printed with it. Learn it in some other languages. Start considering now. Decide soon: meditate on it, reflect on it; live it, breathe it and nurture it. For 2023.

Your 2023 word - Nicholas Bate

100 things that made my year (2022) - Austin Kleon

Things I won’t do but wish I would. I think.

The year in review: 50 wonderful (tv and film) things from 2022 : NPR.
I had this thought recently that I should just accept that I’ll never watch all the great tv and film that’s out there. This list cements that idea.

We enjoyed Glass Onion a lot. The Serena Williams cameo was great.

the everyday human gesture is always a heartbeat away from the miraculous – that ultimately we make things happen through our actions, way beyond our understanding or intention; that our seemingly small ordinary human acts have untold consequences; that what we do in this world means something; that we are not nothing;

Nick Cave - The Red Hand Files

As an experiment, for one continuous month, make the focus of one in every three things you share on social media … something other than yourself or your own work.

The Apple Music animated album covers sometimes make me jump. Movement where I don’t expect it.