Finished reading: Lockwood & Co. The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud 📚

Enjoyed this a lot. Hopefully the school library has the second in the series.

Started collecting a few of the books I’ve bought, mostly non-fiction, with a view to creating a small library at work. I much prefer a physical copy but dislike them just sitting around after I’ve read them.

I mean, this is the plan. I feel like I’m an ideas person, execution not so much… I get stuck in my own head and often don’t follow through.

Are you or do you have a Doesband? I can’t even imagine not doing my fair share.

“A doesband has his own hectic job, but still does his fair share at home Without Being Asked,”


Do you have the tooth fairy where you live? We definitely did in the UK but apparently it’s not a thing in China.

Side note: Elise made a wish that the tooth fairy left more than 20rmb. The tooth fairy left 21! What are the chances?!

Like this one from lunch with a friend.

Young child and women smiling at each other

  1. Man. There’s too much to do in Zelda. It’s a bit overwhelming.
  2. I’m definitely stopping….
  3. Oh wait, what’s that?
  4. 2 hours later…
  5. Goto 1

Tiramisu dusting

squared shaped cocoa dusting from baking

I have exercised so now I give myself permission to play Zelda.

rowing maching with Macbook set up to watch next to it

Am I doing this right? Lots of small weights weigh less then a few big weights! Front squats today get good. Happy with my form.

2-3-5-10 @ 80kg 2-3-5-10 @ 82.5kg

weights on the end of a barbell

Feel like Digits (for Uk people, it’s the Countdown numbers game), the NYTimes games where you make a number using other numbers is easier than when it first came out. Or maybe I’m getting better?!

screenshot of NYTimes maths game

Having to deal with life stuff at 8pm at night, after a long, stressful day. IS THE WORST.

Technology aids productivity.

But only if you allow time for the brain (still your most precious productivity asset) to reflect on the results produced by your devices.

Nicholas Bate

Up at 6. Had breakfast. Got Yumo riding his bike. Went to the shop. Found the first temple I TotK. Got Elise started with her homework. Having coffee. Sunday.

Avoiding all Tears of the Kingdom online info and trying to do it alone. In contrast to Breath of the Wild which I did in tandem with the IGN website. Ultimately more satisfying.

Best job in the world! I teach primary (elementary) not secondary but I feel some of this.

What’s it like to be a teacher?

“The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it. The camera you use is important, yes, but your brain, ideas and imagination are what really matter.”

Maybe this is it. That I like taking photos with my tiny camera more than my phone. The Guardian

Sticking with Silo but I’m eager to find out more about outside and the big picture. Maybe I’m being hasty. 📺

I like taking photos but don’t need a fancy camera and I’m happy not to editing too. Looking through my old Flickr photos and I use photos I take with an old Canon point and shoot and the photos just feel different. In a way my iPhone photos don’t. And I like them more.

yellow coffee cup

Lyra got her UK visa today so we can finally book tickets and see my parents. It will be 3 years since we last saw them and 4 years since I saw my brother, sister and anyone in the UK. Which, I don’t feel too strongly about as I sit here but is actually a huge deal isn’t it?

Let’s go! (To skateboarding lesson.) Booooo

So to order the new Zelda, my friend sent me the contact details for someone I don’t know. I added them. Sent them the money, in the app, and my address and then they’ll send.

It’s just strange, I wouldn’t do that in the UK but such behaviour is perfectly normal in China.

Finally ordered Tears of the Kingdom. So strange that the last couple of months I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild, a 6 year old game. Easy enough to pop online and find answers to everything. Brave new world coming up with the new game!

You’re not here are you?
Your mind is in the future!
How can you be whole?

I’m not here. I’m at work 10 hours from now. Writing an email. Time travel!

Switch users… Do you have a preference for physical cards or downloading only?

Enjoying Citadel, bit ridiculous but lots of fun. 📺