Each Ted Lasso episode is one closer to the end, so I’m relishing watching it but also my sadness is growing.

+1 for keeping it short though. See also The Detectorists. Which you should also see.


Finished my Ted Lasso catchup. Season 3 tomorrow. I can’t sleep, I’m too excited (Always makes me think of this Disney advert).

Not really, I’m knackered.

Just trying to power through. I know the choices that I can make that will make me feel better. At the moment, I’m trying to just do them. We’re going out after work so if I wanted to exercise I needed to do it early. So I did.

love is spelled T-I-M-E.

This Is The Greatest Form Of Love - The Daily Dad

Anxious about having to start preparing our class assembly this week. If it was just that, it would be ok. Thing is, it’s preparing that on top of trying to keep our class timetable as normal as possible.
Work and stress on top of work and stress.

When your stomach drops but your heart hopes…
That it’s just a twist in the story!
Then you actually cheer when it is! Reading is the best.

Wordle 631 3/6


How To Become A Serious Reader - Cal Newport

I’ve dipped in and out of For All Mankind so much I feel like I’m on Season 3 not Season 1.

Kasey Chambers covers Lose Yourself

Slow build of a cover. Awesome 🎵

My friend and I have a thing where if we just want to get something off our chest, we end our message with good chat. When it’s used there’s no expectation of a reply. We just need to get it out.

Anyway, another friend got me this hat today! The good chat hat!

Looking for suggestions for albums to fall asleep too… What do you list to?

“I don’t know. I need help. I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

—Still Life by Louise Penny

Source: The first knot - annie mueller

Really warming to Shrinking on Apple TV+. Some great lines but also lots of feels like. Even if people walking around talking about their problems to those they are close to feeling like such an alien concept to me.

Was not expecting that from Episode 3 of The Last of Us. 😭

No hug is too long. No doppio espresso is too dense. No beach is too empty. No new baby is too cute. No moon is too full. No love-note is too long. No week-end is too appreciated.
No, 7 - Nicholas Bate

  • Woken early by kids.
  • Exercised
  • No hot water so had to have a cold shower
  • Just put the second load of washing on
  • About to make pancakes

I don’t often get solitude. Was grateful for the solitude of working out in the gym on my own today. Very much cleared my head and made me realise how much a negative effect on my mental health alcohol has. I’ve had a few drinks the last two nights and just don’t feel great.

Got a notification because my heart rate dropped below 40 to 39 bpm 4 times last night. Hoping it’s the exercise…

“I hold my children, and I hold my wife, and I know that they will die. And I know that it could happen before I die. So I know that our time together is finite. It will end. And so I appreciate them so much more. I marvel at the fact that these particular collections of cells coalesced around these souls for a temporary period, and I’m so lucky to get to be here at the same time as the little collection of cells and bones and nostril hairs. And so I really make the most of it in a way I didn’t before. And I wish that that skill didn’t come from something so painful. But it did. That was the price tag for me to receive that gift. And now I have it, and I appreciate it.”

Rob Delaney was on Marc Maron’s podcast where he shared how his perspective changed following his son Henry’s death.

They Learned This Lesson For You - The Daily Dad

Students who are able to acquire a lot of general academic knowledge—often those with highly educated parents—typically get the highest scores on reading comprehension tests.

New Study Suggests Standardized Reading Tests Miss a Lot of Learning

Love this from the students in our class.

Ted Lasso — Season 3 Official Trailer | Apple TV+ - YouTube