Relax. Be kind. Be patient. They’re not bad kids. You’re not a bad parent. They’re acting out because your house is safe to them, because they trust you, because this is a totally reasonable and expected response to the pressure-cooker that is childhood.

Cut them some slack. And while you’re at it, cut yourself some too.

Needed this this morning.

You Gotta Cut Them Some Slack - The Daily Dad

33 Life-Changing Books Summarized in 20 Minutes - YouTube

An interesting list of books by Mark Manson I’ll probably never get around to!

I just feel weird about teaching at the moment.

I struggle with feeling like I’m not doing my job well enough, because I don’t have enough time. But I don’t have enough time because I go to the gym for my physical and mental health or because I go home so I can spend time with my children.

Love these books.
Finished reading: London Rules by Mick Herron 📚

Watched The Beekeeper aka Jason Statham just wants a quiet life but that’s not the way life goes #33 🍿

A Möbius strip walks into a bar, crying.
The bartender asks, “What’s the matter?”
The Möbius strip replies, “Oh, where do I even begin?”

Via Popbitch

Struggle to relax at home. Sitting outside the shop I bought a Gatorade after my walk feels the only time in the day I can.

Morning ruck details. 5.2km. 50mins.

Think, so far, this is my favourite. Constantly chuckling at it. Forced myself to put it down. I guess that I’m Stinge Reading it!

Currently reading: London Rules by Mick Herron 📚

The ticket machine had Minesweeper on it. Wonder if there’s an iOS version?

Ticket machine showing Minesweeper

I’ve started recording the things I’ve watched but it’s a bit plain. Does anyone else do this on their I know there are other websites but I don’t want to do that. Basically, can we have a Bookshelf but for TV and films?!

Currently reading: London Rules by Mick Herron 📚

Slough House Book 5. I could read these forever. I think I will. Reread Book 4 this week and while the story wasn’t the best, still enjoyed it.

a term time shadow
of myself, and my glory
a choice I have made

I feel like a different person in the holidays. Like work takes so much of me that I am a shadow of myself during term time.

a term time shadow
of myself, and my glory
a choice I have made

We’re enjoying the new Mr and Mrs Smith a lot. It’s strange but I’m really enjoying it.

In the spirit of ‘Stinge Watching’, we watched the original Mr and Mrs Smith last night to drag it out a bit. It was ok but I much prefer the new one.

Looking for suggestions for albums to put on in the background.
What album do you like to put on for some background noise?

Morning walk with the 20kg weight vest I’ve borrowed from the school gym.
Highlight was seeing a coupler of people get out of a car opposite a park to go running, in the dark, at 6am.
You just know it when you see “your people” eh?

Workout info. 6km. 60minutes

It’s 8am and the kids are still in bed! BEST START TO THE HOLIDAY EVER! Just half-listening to a webinar on Enhancing Classroom Talk in International Schools while having a coffee and chatting to a friend.

First day of the Chinese New Year holiday and I’ve been wide awake since 5:30. I like to get up early when I want to but not when I need to!

I ran again! Been a decent week of exercise. HITT on Monday, heavy deadlifts (4x3 at 150kg) yesterday and a 5km run today.

Photo of man at an athletics track overlaid with information about his 5km run

I found my breath, in
Life’s busy repetitions,
Hiding in plain sight

Loving almost everything about the new Gladiators on the BBC. All the positivity from the Gladiators is great. Legend’s pure arrogance and Viper as the new Wolf are so much fun too. 📺

A phone sized e-reader… I definitely don’t need this but do like it! Thanks for the rabbit hole Rob!

Onyx Boox Palma review | Android Central

Wonka - We all enjoyed this a lot. Percy Jackson and The Olympians - Fun! We’re reading the books but it’s slow going. Quantum Leap Season 2 - It’s alright, I’ll keep watching it. Echo - We’ve watched the first episode but haven’t found time for the second. 🎬