Normalize the boring, useful gift.

It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I am loving Thumper+ on Apple Arcade. Reminds me of Super Hexagon.

Skating the empty pool.

  • We continue to watch The Peripheral but not with the greatest of enthusiasm.
  • Definitely enjoying The English with Emily Blunt.
  • Still need to find time for season 3 of Mythic Quest. I did watch, and live, the quarantine episode again but though.
  • Wednesday starts on Wednesday!

Getting Yumo involved in the morning coffee.

Turned on “Show posts but no replies” in the settings and it’s makes the timeline altogther different. I think I prefer it… Will see how I feel in a day or so.

Currently falling down a DAP rabbit hole. No audiophile, I just can’t be trusted with my phone and like the idea of a device to JUST play music. Lots of DAP are lots of money though. I miss you iPod Classic.

Schrödinger’s kids - hypothetical kids may be considered simultaneously both (sounding like they are)killing each other and being best friends.

Though often, both these events sound the same. I run in because it sounds serious and they both turn around laughing.

Today’s prompt is aluminium which is, of course, pronounced aluminium and not aluminium.

I jest. In class, we often talk about how colour and color are both fine.

Since we’re in lockdown again, I’ve started making little zines again. Helpful to try and get some of the million things bouncing around my head out.

When I asked him why somebody who didn’t have very much seemed so happy, he said, because “I have a roof. I have food. I am safe. I see my family. I am not sure what more you need.”

Walking El Paso - Chris Arnade walks the world

It’s “funny” how much I, as a teacher of small children, strongly dislike working from home. Today, did nothing to disprove that notion. It’s like all the bad part of teaching, sitting at your computer, paperwork, and precious little of the good stuff.

Love this post by Austin Kleon on skateboarding. A wealth of links too. Drawing at the skate park - Austin Kleon

Going back to online learning tomorrow here in China.

Hi Koo!

I miss A Softer World.

Phone advice… Would like to upgrade my wife’s iPhone 11(I think). Is the 14 enough? No deep interest in photography. Thanks in advance!

We went out on our skateboards today and messed about and it was great. Made this video of Elise and I sitting and rolling down the hill.

Matthew McConaughey Dudes Journal #greenlightsjournal - YouTube

Matthew McConaughey Dudes Journal - YouTube

Six O’Clock wake up
Fighting myself for patience
Throat swabs and coffee

Day 4, finally got around to 5 hours after getting up. Aiming for consistency across all the rounds. I’m still working out my pacing though. Probably could have gone faster. If nothing else my rowing form just feels stronger. So doing something makes you better at it! WHO KNEW?!

“In this clip from a 2019 panel on “Self Esteem in the Age of Social Media,” comedian Bo Burnham explains how social media companies are out to colonize “every second of your life”:”

They’re coming for every second of your life

Todays anaerobic training. 5 rounds of 1min max effort and then 5 minutes rest. My Apple Watch counted it as 30minutes of exercise. First interval Elise and I discussed iPad usage which was fun too.

The gym is closed. Which is a source of frustration because it’s an important part of my mental health routine.
Getting home earlier is so nice.