Actually got to the gym today instead of working out in the balcony. Was good to have some company doing it and the air con too!

Dealing with the temperature by sitting in a shallow river in a plastic chair.

Some press ups, some sit ups and tuck jumps, some drawing and some learning how to write in a tally.

Fun fact, in Chinese they use this character 正 which has 5 strokes.

Americans would call it grilled cheese right? A fried cheese sandwich? Except we added, tuna, mayo and roast broccoli. It was pretty good even if we didn’t fry it in anything just put it in a hot pan.

Wordle 378 3/6


Still playing?

When it’s hot, eat hot pot, obviously.

Alex Honnold takes another, very competent, free soloing for the first time. Such a nervy video obviously. Seeing the contrast between the two climbers so high up a rock face without ropes. Terrifying.


I just watched Beau Miles looking for a wallet and enjoyed it. (It’s not really about the wallet.)

like this quote about doing things you want as a parent

The other thing I would like to say is that once you have kids we often think that once they get in a good sleep pattern, the problems go away. Kids/family always put a kink into training, no matter what age they are at. Just ask any father of a teenager. There is always “something” - school shit, sports, social issues, etc. Fitting what is important to you (for all of us, that would be training) requires some balance and communication with all involved. And it also requires that you prioritize. One of the best things that having kids will do for a successful, driven person is give them more focus on what is important (this is not one of those “KIDS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!” speech…I hate those.) Life is what is important - your life, their life, the life of your family. And YOUR passions drive your family. Your commitment to being “more than human” drive your family.

Quick question: I often see books quotes here in an image with the words on the left and the book cover on the right. How do you do that? Is there an easy or simple way to make it? Thanks!

Carry a book like you would a phone! Daydreaming is better than doomscrolling

A while back, I read a quote that said something to the effect of “all of us have experiences, but very few of us have stories.”

The author’s point was that we’ve all lived rich and varied lives, but very few of us have spent the time turning our essential experiences into stories we can share with others. A single, well-articulated story about ourselves can tell other people a whole lot of what they need to know about us. [](…]

The cheat codes for life are worth reading too from the link.

The point is, when you’ve been conducting your working life at the speed of a freight train, it takes quite a long time to roll to a stop and/or point yourself in a new direction—toward a new way of being, living, and working.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself • Jocelyn K. Glei


, again

Packing up lives

Promises to keep

Wordle 368 4/6


We used to call these superman’s. It started with the kids then they asked me to do it with their teddy bears.

Reverse angles

Sonder: to realize that everybody on Earth is living a life as complicated, intense, and vibrantly unique as your own. It’s that feeling you get when you realize that you’re not IN traffic—you ARE traffic.

Compassion fatigue

If your role requires you to be emotionally available and empathetic, then your cup needs to be filled and not completely broken. If student academic achievement is your focus, you can’t afford to enter the classroom in a depleted state for days on end. If you still want to be in the classroom in five years time, then you will need a safe workplace. Perhaps it’s time for us to start a conversation about teaching as an industry where employee wellbeing needs to be proactively managed, rather than triaged.Source: On compassion fatigue

Do not get in the way

As a parent, you need to let go. You need to let your child blossom. You need to think of your child like they’re a plant that you want to foster and grow in its most natural form and not hinder in any way. You have to let your child go in whatever direction he or she wants. When the child reveals a proclivity towards something, encourage them to go in that direction. Because that proclivity reveals something extremely powerful from within—it reveals what I call a primal inclination. Do not get in the way of their primal inclinations in any way, shape, or form. That’s the most important thing you can do.

Do Not Get In The Way Of Their Primal Inclinations – Daily Dad g

Sometimes, the things you need are not the things you do.

Funny that.

Looking down from the golden eagle and looking up to it.

PSA - At least for Apple One, Family sharing is only allowed if your Apple Store is configured to same country.

Yeah, this is our issue that I just have to accept since Lyra’s account is in China and mine is in the UK. It’s not practical for us to share the same country.



I know I’m not 100% because I slept through to my alarm, which I rarely do.

It’s something that I think I could be worse but making sure my sleep, diet and exercise are good helps.