I don’t want to say burned out, but I’ve been struggling lately. The words floating around to explain it are that I’ve stopped breathing and that I haven’t realised it. I couldn’t get it into a haiku and I’ve not given myself the time to try and put it down. Which has been the problem. As a primary (elementary) teacher, work is “emotionally engaging” and I’ve been finding that too much. Our last term is long, too long, and at the moment it feels neverending. My mind is everywhere but here. It’s in the UK, in the future, seeing my parents for the first time in 3 and a half years. And it’s in the past, the last school year, worrying about choices I’ve made at work - that I’ve done enough, or not enough.

So, yes, new plan. I will do the things I know I should. I’ve been sticking with exercise but am going to add some reading, writing and meditation to it too. In addition to less screen time and more regular bedtimes.

I want to be able to enjoy these last 4 weeks and not just tolerate them as a means to an end.

comic of a past and future self beating our present self