Creative insight of any type — be it business strategy, an ad campaign, or computer code — requires cognitive space to emerge. It doesn’t take much daily activity before original thought is starved of the neuronal nutriments required to grow.

I read this after writing this last night…

Today and tomorrow we have foundation wide PD. Some keynotes and smaller presentations and workshops. To be sure some of it is good and worthwhile but it feels like lots of isn’t. That, in theory, it’s an amazing idea but I just don’t feel it works in practice. Maybe I’m the problem?

In amongst the grumbling there’s always these moments. Whereby, having nothing else to do, people end up talking to each other. Sure, some of it isn’t about work but inevitably it comes back to the thing we have in common.
And the talk is golden.
We have the discussions we wish we could have every day but that we don’t have the time to, because we’re always busy with stuff. And if we go to speak to someone it’s because of something.
We never, just chat.
Ain’t got the time for that.
And we’re poorer for it.