I like Austin Kleon a lot. I have his first book, that is currently on loan to a colleague. While I am not arty (I know know)I like scribbling and writing in notebooks, and always have done.

Anyway, I also find the best way for me stick my habits I find is just to do them. I don’t find sharing what I’m doing works for me. At least to start.

But I think there comes a point where I want to share, maybe. Like Lyra got me two notebooks with photos of us on the front cover for my birthday in 2020. On a whim I started writing to the kids in the them. I’ve fallen in and out of doing it honestly, there’s never time is there? I wrote today and the last time before that was May last year despite the notebooks sitting on the desk I sit at daily. This is the way.

They are anything but perfect and I can’t predict what I’ll end up doing with them but they are inspired in part by Austin.