I can’t focus to write it properly. So here’s a list.

  1. I runned. Just went out and did it. We joke that we don’t run in our little group but not because we can’t but because it isn’t practical.

  2. 一诺千金yi nuo qian jin. One of the reasons I like my class is they “throw the stuff” we try to teach them back in our face. Got to respect that. In this case it’s a Chinese phrase, saying? That means, ‘do what you say’. I’m constantly hearing it from them and am a better teacher and human being because of it.

  3. I’m mostly introverted. And most of the time living in a non-native language speaking bubble in another country is ok. Sometimes it isn’t and that’s hard. Today it’s that Lyra has people to go meet and I don’t feel there’s anyone, my closest friends might as well be on another planet.

  4. I am loving both Peacemaker and After Live for being both crude but also having this human moments that makes me cry.

  5. I think that’s it. Now coffee.