With thanks to @maique for the idea. This is all off the top of my head but hoping to make notes for next week.

📺 Peacemaker - Didn’t know it was a thing. Glad that it is. I like the comedy parts of this a whole lot. Some of the interactions are just great.

🎵 I found my old Blogspot account and have started listening to Maximillian Hecker - Rose a whole lot. Also, this Viper Diva set @hollyhoneychurch posted is amazing. They’re playing in Manchester tonight.

🤼‍♂️ Glad to see Moxley back on AEW. Always grateful to see men talking about having problems.

✒️ Haiku a day continues but it’s become a chore. So I need to either make the effort again or stop. Since I can’t decide yet. It continues.

👨🏾‍🏫 Work continues. I beat myself up about the things I percieve to be doing wrong and fail to celebrate or recognise any successes.

♥️I struggle with work and home and them both being emotionally draining and that that results in me being emotionally drained. I battle with keeping my patience and beat myself up when I don’t.