As ever, I never write because there’s always so many things I’m thinking about and I never make the step to recording them. Mostly I start writing and never manage to hold my thoughts together well enough and then, it feels like the moment is gone.

We went to Claire’s yesterday and it felt like the Christmas I imagine. Which, I’ve realised, is the same as the Christmas I remember from when I was younger. Presents and too much food and watching tv and playing games and being around family all day. We kind of did that and in its own way it was perfect.

We watched Stardust because the final song was playing and now reading the book is on my list. Then we watched Serendipity which is apparently 20 years old and this morning I finished Matrix Resurrections (Austin Kleon - Intermissions).

As for now, I’m thinking of adding a commonplace book to my pile of journals we’ll see and working on my mobility.

Mostly, this coming year will be on trying to do one thing at a time. To be conscious in my actions. Something I find really really really hard. Especially when using my computer or the habitual checking of my phone.

This Christmas also marks two years since I saw Mum and Dad. It’s jus something that sits at the back of my mind and is one of those things I think about a lot.