Indeed, the mere expression “work/life” embodies a mistake: it assumes work and life are distinct. For those to whom the word “work” automatically implies the dutiful plodding kind, they are. But for the skaters, the relationship between work and life would be better represented by a dash than a slash. I wouldn’t want to work on anything I didn’t want to take over my life.

A Project of One’s Own

I’m quoting this because of that last line and because of something that happened this evening. Honestly, it’s not something I’ve been conscious of before. Though, on closer inspection it’s inevitable really. That is,

Speaking to my own children as I do my students and vice versa.

For me, it’s the toll of, trying to, show patience in the face of frustration and the weight of a thousand rolling around inside your head. For me, work and home are too similar in that respect.