I feel like I’m better at knowing when i’m reaching my ‘breaking point’, especially with regards to my children and that point where I need to do something before I lost my patitence.

Though as I thought about writing this in my head I felt like breaking point are the wrong words since, it suggests that it’s a one time thing and not something that happens on a semi-regular basis.

I felt it today with the kids, being away in the hotel for a couple of days was nice, it really was but it got a bit much at the end.

What to do is when I notice it’s happening is a work in progress.

These two links popped up though that felt relevant:

  1. Zen Habits - 8 Practices to Get Still and Calm
  2. this list of things by Hope Hall when she starts to feel ‘overwhelmed or stressed or lose my center’

From the latter link is this line, which reasonated a whole lot because it says what I’ve been trying to do recently.

Try to put how you want to feel ahead of what you want to be or even do.