Without kids.

  1. Approach car.
  2. Unlock.
  3. Put on seatbelt.
  4. Spend some time choosing the right music.*
  5. Start car and drive away.


With kids

  1. Approach car.
  2. Chase children around car - “No, your seat is the other side.”
  3. Open back door.
  4. Close door, so child can open door.
  5. Put child in seat and strap in.
  6. Continue trying to strap in child.
  7. Close door on screaming child.
  8. Count to 10.
  9. Open door.
  10. “Daddy, play Trolls music.”
  11. “Just. Let. Me. Put. My. Seat. Belt. On.”
  12. Play Trolls music.
  13. Play correct Trolls music.
  14. Consider going home.
  15. Drive away.