I did pay for Day One , the journaling app, but honestly, I never stick with it.

So, I have a glut of posts titled Day One. Which is me starting out, again. Me, starting over, because that’s ok. Even if I forget it a lot and have a tendency to beat myself up over things - particularly losing my patience.

Today is Day One again.

We are in the lucky position of having 2 small children while being stuck inside. So there’s posts floating round of, ‘things you can do with your children’ and now, ‘things you can do to be entertained and healthy’. The struggle is, for us the how to do both those things, with the added difficulty of the kids being the age they are.

I’d sit on the sofa and watch tv but anything I want to watch isn’t appropriate and trying to exercise/meditate/work/read/study/write is difficult when the other parent is struggling with the kids again.

So our free time is nap time and when they go to bed and invariably during those times neither of us has the energy to do much.