“001 Watch your favorite television show. Any episode. Describe everything you are seeing, as it happens, in real-time. Do this without ever hitting “pause”, or rewinding the show. Write from the perspective of someone who’s never seen the show before. Title it “Tribute to [Show Name Here]”.From: Peculiar Prompts

Someone is late. It’s a police station. He missed the meeting. The main guy has punished the late comer by doing high 5s with everyone. The late guy describes them with names. He is distraught.

Opening credits is perky.

The captain says goodby to his partner and they say goodbye by shaking hands. The partner meets the guy who was late in the toilet. He needs his help. They are quoting The Rock. The captain comes in while they hide in the toilet. He talks about buying theatre tickets.

Guy is complaining the fridge is broken. We are seeing all the main characters I think. A sergeant improves morale by ordering pizza. Another sergeant now offers sushi. It’s a competition.

A bit about laser pointer. The secret toilet meeters are found out.

The pizza people talking about how high their morale is. They are arguing with the sushi team. There’s sining. I don’t like this bit really. They say it’s a competition.

They talk about the tickets - it’s how they know.

They’re talking about some very academic. The captain is talking about how he’s his partners ‘working class bimbo’.

Wait the police officer was in that Chronicles of Narnia skit on SNL! Chronic - WHAT - cles of Narnia.

The two policeman decide to work together to show the academics to show them he is smart.

They are making rules about the competition. Yelp. There are two teams.

They are speaking to someone with lots of books. The captain is freezing up. He didn’t do well.

One team is eating cupcakes. The other is in a limo. It’s ridiculous, no one cares this much about lunch.

More problem solving for the case. They have a lead. There’s lots of banter in this show. Smart talk.

The smart guy says he found the thief. Obvious misdirection. He’s talking down to the captain. They are humiliated.

More smart talk.

How do people watch and live tweet?

More smart talk. They think they have cracked it. Too early. They are talking about brains.

More team talk. They are doing breakfasts now. Some people aren’t happy. When do they work? They are going above and beyond to beat each other.

Following the academic. They stumble into an acapella circle. Singing. They see a footprint.

Lunchtime - they are paint balling. The other time is a doing teppanyaki. Their teams are hiding. No one is having fun. I’m not.

She shoots Gary. Gary says help.

The two policeman interrupt to prove they are right. I don’t think they will be.

They aren’t. Everyone has the same shoes! Oops. The academic is talking down to the academic again. He is embarrassed. They talk about brains a lot. Captain isn’t happy he is playing a game because that’s bad - It’s the Times Crossword.

They are talking about being underestimated. They’ve solved the case.

The team captains apologies for the lunches. It goes badly. Hilarious. They are doing nice things for their teams. Lovely.

They solved the case. Well done. The captain is smart again. They are talking about a kerfuffel. They shakes hands.