“I think one of the hardest bits of living abroad is missing home. And I mean that in the sense of it being things and people that you know. The familiar. The things that comfort us.

And sure, there’s plenty of things that make living abroad great but being away from immediate family, friends and these things is hard.

It is for me.

So, to have something that reminds you of home, that can connect you to it is important. And what that is might be different for everyone. An activity or a type of food.

Natalie is that connection for me, I think.

Talking to her feels like home.

I’ve got so used to having you here. It’s going to be strange when you’re not next year.

I’m going to miss you.”

I had to write some farewell words for a friend who was leaving today. It is the nature of the work, people come and go every year.

This hit me hard though. I sobbed before, during and after. Should have been 20 seconds or so but took a few minutes to compose myself.