Everyone Everywhere Needs Waymond Wang - YouTube

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a genre bending multiverse movie but it’s also one of the most challenging and subversive representations of masculinity I’ve ever seen in any genre.

I just watched Beau Miles looking for a wallet and enjoyed it. (It’s not really about the wallet.)

Florence + The Machine - Free

The feeling comes so fast and I cannot control it
I’m on fire, but I’m trying not to show it

As it picks me up, puts me down
It picks me up, puts me down
Picks me up, it puts me down
A hundred times a day

But I hear the music, I feel the beat
And for a moment, when I’m dancing, I am free

'Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care'

I’m trying to be more focused today, possibly tomorrow too, which mostly means not picking my phone up every ten seconds and using my computer more purposefully. Today’s struggle was trying to sit through of all of this TED talk without opening a new browser window to search for the speaker’s name or sending a message to someone about it. I managed it, which I’m pretty proud of.

It’s called Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care and I liked it a lot because it was something I benefited from hearing.

Name writing

Day 2 of writing her name

Elise has started writing her name after starting at kindergarten. Even though I teach students around her age, she doesn’t see me as a teacher, which is understandable, and I’m ok with not pushing.

If you haven’t seen it, this video of Alanis Morrisette performing via the internet while holding her daughter is de-lightful. Link

3 Links

I keep meaning to post things I like but I normally end up sending various links to different people.

Via Metafilter

  • The Hu - A Mongolian folk metal band. We’ve been liking their stuff since I started playing it yesterday. Especially Wolf Totem
  • This stop motion short about a trans kid coming out featuring Godzilla. via


  • This John Hamm voiced meeting of a father and his daughter’s boyfriend that flips it a little. I’m not going to lie that this isn’t something I’ve thought about. via this inbox zine

What Social Distancing Looks Like Across the World - What Social Distance Looks Like Across the World. A compilation of user-submittted videos put together. “these intimate moments create a synchronicity of humanity”