I don’t think I’ve ever rewatched something as fast as I’m rewatching the first season of the Letterkenny spin off Shoresy.

It’s like the Soo, so effing good.

Just finished Severance and now I want to watch it all over again. Really enjoyed it. 📺


2020 is the year of the Kind Movie — and it couldn’t have come at a better time

Also, tv because it mentions Ted Lasso and while I don’t think I agree with all the kind films I do like the idea. There’s lots of recommendations and discussion too in the Metafilter thread I saw the link.

And while I’m at it, I had meant to talk about Speed Cubers and Queen’s Gambit because they both caught my eye for similar reasons. The first is a documentary ostensably about people doing Rubik’s cube’s REALLY fast and that’s why I started it but it turns out to be about the rivalry and friendship. The latter, I just like how it resolved it in the end.

After yesterdays watching of Vampires vs. the block, Lyra and I watched Attack the Block today. Yeah, maybe it’s the British-ness of it but much preferred Attack the Block. Am now on the hunt for similar British films… 🎬

Oh my goodness. The penultimate episode of The Boys was just so very good. Very excited for the final episode.

This whole idea of releasing one episode a week, I think it might catch on… 📺


Really enjoying Norsemen on Netflix. I read it described as Vikings meets Monty Python, which I kind of like. They apparently recorded it in Norwegian and English - which is pretty amazing. The way they speak in English, where the inflections are, adds a certain something. Trailer