I’ve been thinking about this a whole lot since I read it. I’ve shared it with a few people I felt brave enough to do so with. I talked it over some. I bought someone a travel mug with their words on.

I kept coming back to this line from this pos:

the price of higher productivity is always lower creativity

About how it applies to me in my role as teacher and a father and a husband who is always busy because there’s always things to do. Always.

“Productivity is a trap. Becoming more efficient just makes you more rushed, and trying to clear the >decks simply makes them fill up again faster… Since finitude defines our lives… living a truly authentic >life — becoming fully human — means facing up to that fact.”

That the price of always being busy is I never have time to think and ruminate some. I struggle to allow myself that. So this year the intention is to allow myself that.

So I’ve gone with slow as my word of the year. It’s actually on the list as slowly and I considered slow down but it’s all the same in my head. That’s what I’m going with.

And yes I need to read Four Thousand Weeks.
I’ll get it soon I hope.