Hasn’t rained in weeks. First day of school, it’s tipping it down.

I know I should read more but struggling to get into the right headspace to do so. Feel like I’m only capable of browsing.

Should have gone to bed earlier.

Your water is haunted by the ghosts of other people. All the other people.

Things I haven’t thought about before. Where has your water been?

nobody really buys a drink, they just rent it

10 kinds of spooky stuff in your water - by Jessica Hagy

Wordle 412 5/6


Wordle 383 4/6


Wordle 378 3/6


Still playing?

Quick question: I often see books quotes here in an image with the words on the left and the book cover on the right. How do you do that? Is there an easy or simple way to make it? Thanks!

I know I’m not 100% because I slept through to my alarm, which I rarely do.

It’s something that I think I could be worse but making sure my sleep, diet and exercise are good helps.

I realised that twice last week that I talked to people about some of the things that are constantly spinning in my head. Living in China and being a Dad. Like, I know I should do it more but…

I don’t think I’ve ever rewatched something as fast as I’m rewatching the first season of the Letterkenny spin off Shoresy.

It’s like the Soo, so effing good.

I enjoyed this piece about walking the Cotswold since I grew up nearby

And I like the idea of a holiday based around walking and talking.

Walking the Cotswolds, Walking Japan — Ridgeline issue 143

It was 5am. On a Saturday. Of a 3-day weekend.

I’m thinking about my science lesson on Monday.

Watching some of the students in my class this week I realised you can “pull down” on the iPad keyboard to get the number or symbol the key also represents. Kids today!

Elise is loving Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+. Dinosaurs in a nature programme style with David Attenborough narration.

Mornings are the best, but also the worst.

⬆️Morning cuddles
⬇️Losing your patience at the start of the day

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Ask. Our need for help is simply not obvious to others, so make it clear that you want help. Do you hate to ask for help? — Aaron Bieber -