The Killers - Hot Fuss turns 20 apparently. I remember buying it on CD in [Fopp]. Anyway, I was talking to a colleague about how I went through a phase a while back of just trying to listen to albums. So I’m going to start doing that again, I think. Started with Hot Fuss yesterday and on to Sam’s Town today.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?” - Jack Sparrow

Fixed Growth

Advice for Teachers, Policymakers, and Donors | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

I only read the advice for teachers but I liked the three suggestions. Even if I struggle with the speaking out part.

“It’s possible to have strong, lasting regrets about a life choice while ferociously loving — and caring for — the fruit of that decision.”

What Are You Actually Teaching Them? - The Daily Dad

And of course, you didn’t mean to. But that doesn’t really matter. It’s what they hear that matters. It’s what they see that matters. How easily we end up sending the exact opposite message that we intend!

All 29 road tunnels in New Zealand ranked from worst to best

I’ve always ranked the car parks of the shopping malls we go to. Recently, I started stating what my favourite tunnels here too. So maybe this will be the motivation to write a post about it… SO MANY MORE than 29 here though.

Grateful for getting out and doing my Saturday morning ruck this morning. Started a little later than usual and was still sore from going hard on Thursday but that’s mostly gone now. Funny that.

We, as a family use Apple Music because that’s what I pay for and we’re happy enough. The only thing that tempts me to switch to Spotify is that shared playlists online always use that, never Apple Music.

This week will be all about writing reports and supporting new students with vastly different needs to the rest of the class. On top of everything else, of course.

Q. What’s the maximum distance I can outsprint a 5 year old on a bike?

A. Not as far as I thought. Also, I tired a hell of a lot quicker. Also, I feel a bit sick.

Seth Rollins announcing the CrossFit Open 24.2 was the crossover of 2 interests that I never saw coming.

33 Life-Changing Books Summarized in 20 Minutes - YouTube

An interesting list of books by Mark Manson I’ll probably never get around to!

We’re enjoying the new Mr and Mrs Smith a lot. It’s strange but I’m really enjoying it.

In the spirit of ‘Stinge Watching’, we watched the original Mr and Mrs Smith last night to drag it out a bit. It was ok but I much prefer the new one.

On Apple Vision

And we thought the phone addiction was bad. . .

It’s 8am and the kids are still in bed! BEST START TO THE HOLIDAY EVER! Just half-listening to a webinar on Enhancing Classroom Talk in International Schools while having a coffee and chatting to a friend.

I found my breath, in
Life’s busy repetitions,
Hiding in plain sight

Wonka - We all enjoyed this a lot. Percy Jackson and The Olympians - Fun! We’re reading the books but it’s slow going. Quantum Leap Season 2 - It’s alright, I’ll keep watching it. Echo - We’ve watched the first episode but haven’t found time for the second. 🎬

I know the thing in film and tv where breakfast is this giant spread that no one in real life has time. But, the one where they say goodnight to kids and that’s it is the one that gets me, because this is not my experience at all.

How long haven’t there been line judges in the tennis grand slams? So strange to see. 🎾

Enjoying the The Rest is Entertainment podcast - that I watch on Youtube with Marina Hyde and Richard Osman. Always been a fan of her writing so I very much enjoy this.

Just blue shells on Mario was Yumo was a whole lot of fun. It’s like that bike race in a velodrome where everyone goes as slowly as possible but then goes for it on the last lap.

Hasn’t rained in weeks. First day of school, it’s tipping it down.

I know I should read more but struggling to get into the right headspace to do so. Feel like I’m only capable of browsing.

Should have gone to bed earlier.

Ha! I haven’t watched BCS but this made me chuckle, comments are good too!

New promo images for “BREAKING BAD”, the sequel to Better Call Saul. Premiering just 1 week after the finale. Any thoughts? : r/okbuddychicanery